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  • Chronicle



    Chronicle is a found-footage flick about teenagers who get super powers and film it all... and things don't go well.

    This is a really good, very solid flick that tells its story well, kind of makes you care for the characters, looks great on a small budget, and was filmed in S. Africa but looks like it was filmed in Seattle (where it's set).

    Only real problem I had, besides the fact it borrows heavily from the anime Akira, is…

  • Iron Sky

    Iron Sky


    Iron Sky has a pretty efficient log-line: nazis on the moon. It's not a particularly good movie but I think it knows it. But it looks really nice... pretty solid CGI for a no-doubt low budget, non-serious flick.

    It's really a comedy but the comedy is pretty broad and not very original.

    Though it was funny when the American moon lander disgorges some astronauts... one is shot by moon nazis and the other captured, brought back to base, and when…

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  • Brittany Runs a Marathon

    Brittany Runs a Marathon


    Brittany Runs a Marathon is an indie flick that just went wide over the weekend so I got a chance to check it out. The movie has been getting some very good reviews so I was curious… if for no other reason than the matter-of-fact title.

    The movie stars Jillian Bell as an overweight, depressed, underpaid, under-working New Yorker who is stand-offish, selfish, and self-deprecating. In an attempt to scam some prescription drugs from a doctor, she’s informed she needs…

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Checked out the new thoughtful science fiction film Ad Astra. This one is produced by and stars Brad Pitt and is an earnest, if flawed, attempt as heady, mindful, intelligent science fiction. It’s only flaw is that it tries too hard and, in so doing, falls down.

    So Ad Astra is set in nearish future where we have all the same social and political problems but have at least managed to colonize the Moon and Mars. It seems science and…