Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

Freddy vs. Jason is one heck of a gore-fest. Far gorier than the last Friday the 13th movie - even Jason X has some nasty gore - but it was nothing like the buckets of blood this one had.

Is all this a good thing? Hell, yeah... it's a slasher flick. But not because the gore makes it a good flick, but because the filmmakers didn't have to reign in themselves to make sure they friendlied it up enough for audience sensibilities. Who in hell is going to see these horror films? the Moral Majority? Hell no!

The plot is pretty fun in terms of how Freddy and Jason get together... but the more the teens were on screen, the more I wished either Freddy or Jason would just come along and cut 'em up and make something more interesting happen. And I liked all three female leads (one is from Destiny's Child, one is from Dawson's Creek, and the other from the Ginger Snaps franchise). But there was too much of them yapping about what's going on and not enough going on for far too long.

Alas, even the climactic - super gory - showdown between Jason and Freddy could have been a lot better - mostly it was machete slicing into Freddy, Freddy making Julien fries out of Jason - slice, blood flies, dice, more blood flies, etc. Nice amount of blood... did I mention that?

Who wins? I was surprised either one of them won due to studio and franchise politics... but one did.

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