All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★½

Wish I saw this in a theater. There are some incredible war sequences and countless stunning shots in the film that would have benefitted from a big screen.

Loved many things about it but the film felt too uneven. There are many moments of brilliance in the film, but it's just not consistent enough to fully justify its long runtime. I feel like this could have been trimmed down a bit to become a really incredible film.

I watched the original All Quiet on the Western Front a few days ago in preparation for this one, and one of my biggest compliments I can give to this new version is that I barely thought about the original while watching this. The overarching narrative of this film is the same as the 1930 film adaptation but the acutal plot details are quite different, which I appreciated. Of course, the iconic scenes from the original are obviously homaged in this film, but it was all done extremely tastefully. The scene where Paul stabs the French man and tries to comfort him is always going to be such an emotional scene for me, as well as the scene where he carries Kat on his back. Just beautiful moments sandwiched between numerous brutal combat sequences.

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