Drive ★★★★★

Wearing my filmbro badge with pride here. This is still one of the most exhilarating cinematic experiences. Despite being a huge fan of NWR, this is actually the first time I've watched this film in a non-airplane setting. Not sure how I managed to watch this not once, but twice on two separate flights. I would do anything to see this on a big screen.

It's pretty universally loved at this point, but I remember a lot of people being disappointed with this film. It's marketed as an action film (and yes, that opening scene is absolute fire... and following it up with Nightcall is perfection), but the film primarily adopts a very romantic tone, even in its most violent moments. The pink cursive font, the long stares between Gosling and Mulligan... it all conveys a sense of yearning and wanting to mean something to the one you love. I love that Gosling barely talks, and a single smile hits so much harder than any dialogue could.

Kind of ashamed I love this so much, but... nah, it's still a dope movie. LA noirs are absolutely my thing. Gorgeous film.

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