Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★½

This is soooooooo close to a perfect score. Might bump it up after sitting with it more.

I keep seeing this on a lot of best-of-the-decade lists but kept putting it off since I don't particularly love surreal films. I've heard about the seemingly nonsensical nature of the film's plot and how it was possibly meta-cinematic, which didn't totally seem like my kind of thing. But this floored me. It took less than three minutes for this film to absolutely seduce me. As soon as Oscar starts putting on his make-up, I was hooked.

And speaking of the make-up, it's incredible. Both Denis Lavant's performance and the make-up team are hugely responsible for making this film work as well as it does. The way Lavant seamlessly transitions from one "character" to another is just incredible. There are so many wonderful moments in the film, like the motion-capture scenes and that one scene where he just eats Eva Mendes' hair... like how did they film that scene... Also, I was quite impressed with Lavant's mandarin based on the few brief lines he spoke as he played the Chinese hitman.

This is cinema that is meant to be felt rather than understood. I practically understood none of it, but I felt a lot. Instead of feeling dense and confusing without purpose, Holy Motors honestly felt warm and inviting to me. It's playful but melancholy at the same time. Pixar's Cars franchise plagiarized this shit.

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