Lamb ★★★

Quite atmospheric. Marketed almost as a horror movie but plays off more like if Satantango went mainstream. Pretty one-note like Satantango, and it doesn't evoke a particularly varied response from me throughout the runtime. Mostly just a "wow, huh... interesting" from me the entire film, and it doesn't go much deeper than that.

Not that it has to be rich with thematics. I do like how goddamn weird it was and how the film just tries to play the entire thing off as if it were absolutely normal, but it just feels a bit repetitive at times. I love a lot of A24 movies but their horror department to me has been kind of lacking since Midsommar. I've come to realize I don't particularly like Midsommar now, and all of the subsequent folk/horror A24 films have felt like an emperor's new clothes situation to me. It's gorgeous to look at, but I don't find it super "scary" or anything. The "slow burn" never burns, it's just a series of mildly funny things involving a lamb.

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