Nope ★★★

This really has nothing to do with the movie but oh my god I fucking hate the titles of Jordan Peele films LOL

Perhaps my expectations were a little too high. I didn't dislike this at all, and I think the movie is proof that Peele keeps on improving as a director. He got Hoyte van Hoytema as his DP this time and the 65mm looks so good. The depth of field is razor thin, and honestly, he managed to make the interior of a Fry's Electronic store look good.

That being said, this feels like a movie where Peele came up with random ideas and themes first and tried to build a story around them. As a result, some of the ideas felt kind of Frankenstein-ed together. The editing is really what bothered me the most, and every time the movie was building tension, it would hard cut to black and then move on to the next (unrelated) scene. It kind of killed the momentum at times for me.

BUT!!! With that being said, I still liked it. I love that the film acknowledges all the hard work that below-the-line workers do on film sets, along with stuntmen and animal trainers. The shot of the house with bloody rain was absolutely gorgeous. Despite the set-up feeling kind of choppy and uneven, the film has a killer third-act climax that feels more like an action film than anything else.

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