Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

Holy shit I love musicals so much. Forever jealous of people who can dance.

Makes me think back to Jon M. Chu's In the Heights, and how much better this film is. I actually like In the Heights a lot, but I found the camerawork to be lacking, especially in terms of how it captures the scale and choreography of the musical numbers. Singin' in the Rain on the other hand... had no such problem.

Technicolor has never looked so good. That Broadway Melody number actually made my jaw drop. That lavender-lit scene where the woman's long dress just starts floating in the air is pure magic. As a musical lover, it took me way too long to watch this. Bomb-ass music. Beautiful, beautiful colors. Too many awesome scenes to mention but the initial transition from silent to sound where the lead actress can't speak into the microphone made me crack up so much.

Actually dancing in the rain looks like a pain in the ass though LOL.

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