The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

Probably a bit more lenient in my rating, but I was truly digging the cast and the atmosphere of this film. It's quite nihilistic, but I didn't find it as relentlessly sadistic as others have said. Waiting an hour for Robert Pattinson to show up was such a tease honestly, but as soon as he started licking his fingers and speaking in that voice, I was completely on board.

His acting is the highlight of the film (as he is in most films starring Pattinson), and he's obviously no strangers to effortlessly speaking in many different accents. But his voice also just sounds like it's almost a falsetto; I can't imagine how tiring that must be to speak in a mixed register completely.

The rest of the cast is great too. I love Riley Keough, but was sad that she and Pattinson literally had no screentime together. The interwoven narrative kept me engaged even with the long runtime, and the sparing use of violence made the actual scenes of brutality a lot more impactful as a result. It's flawed (could have been okay with less narration), and I definitely wanted it to be better (man was I hyped to see this), but I still really liked it.

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