The Worst Person in the World

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This review may contain spoilers.

Had been thinking about this film non-stop since I saw it all the way back in JULY and it just hits even harder on a second watch. Essential viewing for anyone going through a quarter-life crisis and trying to figure out what the fuck they want to do in life.

I love all kinds of romance movies but I loved how nuanced this film is in depicting relationships and love. How Julie and Aksel could be so good for each other but meet at the wrong time. How Julie and Eivind are much closer in age but end up being somewhat incompatible. I loved seeing Julie's character growth, especially in the mushroom sequence where she has to confront her past and possible future.

Chapter 11 though. Aksel coming to terms with his limited amount of time left and his speech about how Julie was the most important relationship he'll ever have in his life just broke me. When she watches the sunrise and accepts Aksel's death? Devastating. One of the most profoundly moving scenes I have seen in a movie in a long time.

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