Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

+The clash between the two horror icons is one big bloodbath, and has some fun kills. My favourite kill has to be the bed fold, it might be one of my favorite kills out of all slashers I've seen.
+I haven't seen many Nightmare on Elmstreet movies just yet, but I've heard this is Freddy at his best, the perfect balance between creepy and the comedic one liners.
"Welcome to my world bitch!"
+/- Jason really doesn't hold back here, it's got to be one of his biggest kill counts in the entire franchise. I'm not sure about his look though, his head and mask look weird, I prefer the brutish take that Kane Hodder brought to the role. It's my least favourite take on Jason.
+Characters are decent, especially Lori, the could have picked a different name though.
-Who cares about the subplot with who really killed her mom. I guess they had to find a way to get the two icons to finally meet.
-Freddy gets a lot more screen time to string the plot along, but we don't see him action enough.

Overall- Freddy vs Jason is a fun watch, that is creative in its kills and battle between the two horror icons. It delivers on it's promise.

DID YOU KNOW- Ken Kirzinger had to undergo some dental work during filming, but it would have taken too much time to remove his make-up and costume and reapply them. When he arrived at the dentist's office still dressed as Jason (without the hockey mask), people were afraid he was an escaped psychopath, and almost called the police.

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