Saw ★★★★½

+8 films later, Saw is iconic to the horror genre. Visuals like of Billy the puppet, and the pig mask were so original and continue to appear in cinema today.
+Saw has good performances from Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell. The acting, with Wan's direction is guaranteed to put you on edge and make your skin crawl at times.
+I love the fact that this film is a psychological horror, rather than torture porn that the rest of the franchise became. The plot is so simple but effective; two guys stuck in a room together forced to solve the puzzle to stay alive.
+The soundtrack and score is chill worthy, especially as jigsaw stands up in the final sequence.
+The twist ending still holds up on rewatch, its possibly one of the best twist endings in the horror genre.
+You can't watch a saw film without mentioning the traps. They are so creative and overall intense to watch. The most notable one was the candle trap, whilst the person is forced to walk on shattered glass.
+The dialogue is also iconic and very quotable. "Do you wanna play a game?"
"Congratulations. You are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore".
-I could be quite nitpicky with some plot points where logic just doesnt add up. Like why didn't Adam try sawing the rusy pipe instead of the steel chain?
-What did Zep do wrong do be a part of the game?

Overall- Saw is one of the Modern Classics in Horror.
DID YOU KNOW- The entire film was filmed in 18 days.

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