Scream ★★★★½

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+The horror film that was made for horror fans. Scream really is a 'celebration of horror,' where Wes Craven turned the slasher genre on its head after the sequel era of the late 80s. I love all the references to other films: when they are watching Halloween at the party, all of Randy's references to slasher tropes, and GhostFace's horror quiz over the phone.
+I don't know how I have only just got round to watching Scream, but watching it on the big screen for its 25th anniversary in a packed cinema definitely was the way to do it.
+All characters are likeable, and performances are great, Neve Cambell, David Arquette and Matthew Lillard stole the show for me.
+It's packed with one liners that I will always be quoting, especially from Lillard, that final scene in the kitchen had me in stitches.
+The mystery element is fun, trying to figure out who is behind the mask. It also feels refreshing having a slasher villain that is not immortal, and actually gets beat up a lot of the time.
+The kills are creative, especially one involving a garage door...
+It's pretty much perfectly paced.


Overall- I loved Scream, looking forward to checking out the sequels before the new release.

DID YOU KNOW- The party scene near the end of the film runs forty-two minutes long. It was shot over the course of twenty-one days from the time the sun set to the time it rose. After it wrapped, the crew had t-shirts made that read "I SURVIVED SCENE 118" (which was the name of the scene during shooting). The cast and crew jokingly called it "The longest night in horror history."

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