Savaged ★★★

A perfect example of a film born to be watched at the likes of FrightFest, or at least with pals who are knowledgeable genre fans.

On paper, the story of a deaf woman travelling alone across the desert to live with her lover only to fall foul of murderous rednecks doesn't sound like a fun time. But rather then being an overwhelmingly tough ordeal, the tone here is a little (nay a lot) inconsistent and while there are tough moments, they are outnumbered by laughs. I think they are mostly done intentionally but it doesn't matter if not. It is what it is.

It's probably best if you're interested in watching this film to stop reading here. Not going to spoil the entire movie but I have to talk about the more fantastical events which occur not 30 minutes in. But I went in pretty cold and so pleased I did.

So this is going for a ISOYG/Ms.45 vibe for a little while but there is an element here missing from the aforementioned rape revenge thrillers. Events go a lot stranger when they finish her off. I was wondering what they were doing and was pleased to see them go for 'possessed by vengeful Apache warrior' silliness. And it is silly.

Surprisingly beautiful to look at in spells, stupendously silly for the majority and pleasingly brutal, this was a most entertaining watch to open FrightFest. The final shot was tremendously funny.

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