• Behind Her Eyes

    Behind Her Eyes


    I'll always respect something that is completely unafraid to jump that chasm. Arguably it plummets to its death rather than making a safe landing, but at least it was unafraid. Besides, it could just..

    Anyway this is a pure 100% guilty pleasure. There's not too much wrong with that and indeed even saying guilty pleasure.

  • Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art

    Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art


    "hey why this does peek into the disgusting world of buying paintings for obscene sums feature NO likeable characters? Not one HINT of a down-trodden cop just trying to get his life back together. NO STARS!"

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    "hey why does this dark satire have no likeable characters? Sure you can throw capitalism round a room a few times and inject a scarily plausible next step to the lucrative care industry but you can't give me a grizzled (male) cop with a heart of something close to gold? Pah. NO STARS!"

  • The Dark and the Wicked

    The Dark and the Wicked


    The nasty and the soiled underwear.


  • Shook



    There's a wonderful visual gag early on that I thought was there just to skewer the vapid world of social media influencers, but in context with the rest of the film it also serves as a reminder to the viewer to keep on your toes.

    I tuned in hoping for another HOST or an UNFRIENDED-like experience, but this only dabbles with that sort of thing and is equally SCREAM and going on from there.

    And it's odd that this is…

  • White House Farm

    White House Farm


    Never the wanted the baddie to be caught so much. Props then to that particular actor. You wanna throttle them.

  • Becky



    Annoyed with this film on one hand, with its refusal to let some characters off the bench to join in on some nazi splatting fun. And the stunt casting of Kevin James didn't really do it for me.

    But on a primal level of just needing to see America's Proudest being out-thought, out-fought and heh out-Fort by our Becks, yes this was stirring enough.

    Extra kisses for my doggos tonight xxx

  • Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

    Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel


    Reminiscent of that Amanda Knox doc, in that it's not gonna please a certain breed of people: the web sleuths and sensationalists.

  • Red Dot

    Red Dot


    Agreeably mean-spirited (goes to places even some horror fans balk at) and with a minor surprise or two in the story, though this is still pretty generic stuff if you've seen a few wilderness thrillers.

  • Greenland



    Maybe it's partly cos of where we find ourselves today, but this apocalyptic tale had me in the palm of its hand. Even when the inevitable CG kicks into gear, it wasn't off-putting at all like it so often is in grand scale movie disasters. Which is somewhat surprising to me given that it's a Gerard Butler movie and one that's helmed by the director of Angel Has Fallen Over (which I've NOT seen tbf but I have assumptions which…

  • Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine

    Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine


    Thought this was a series and was wondering what on earth they were gonna do with the 2nd ep.

  • The Dig

    The Dig


    Nice easy viewing.

    Fave aspect seems to be most others' least: the Lily James character and story. The digging and the illness got in the way of that for me.