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  • Still Human

    Still Human


    A heartfelt and genuine portrayal not only of a Filipino domestic helper’s story but to those who are dreaming to keep chasing their dreams. Oliver Chan’s directorial debut piece doesn’t depict the minorities of Hong Kong (in this case, a Filipino domestic helper) as pitiful, instead gives her a story that echoes the reality.

    Evelyn's story seems to be inspired by Xyza Baccani and it's truly inspiring to see someone reaching for their dreams, no matter big or small. Newcomer…

  • I See You

    I See You


    I really wanted to love this film. I was quite excited to see it too. But found myself so disappointed.

    The film I guess wanted to step away from a conventional romantic comedy. Enter Empoy as our leading man. But ultimately, still succumbs to the pitfalls of the very cliches it tries to avoid.

    It is a promising and one that I, can relate. The instances that Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) mutters that she misses speaking Tagalog and earing sinigang

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  • Rage



    Lee Sang-il's Rage might seem like a murder mystery to you, but it isn't really. While the film's narrative does center around a mysterious bloody murder, the ultimate message is not about finding who the murderer is but rather stories on trust and connection among its characters.

    With a talented and star-studded ensemble of some of Japan's most famous names, it's no surprise that Rage shines. Ken Watanabe needs no introductions, the male leads: Go Ayano, Matsuyama Kenichi, Tsumabuki Satoshi…

  • Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine


    I have finally watched my brother's "all-time favourite" film, he who has been nagging me for so long to watch this film. Independent films are really underrated by so many people, even if they make a name in film festivals like Sundance.

    What's so beautiful about Blue Valentine is its simplicity yet the way it was presented makes it stand-out. It's a simple story about marriage but the acting, the editing and the overall quality makes it great. I like…