Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

Spider - Man: Far From Home was supposed to be the movie in which Tom Holland's Peter Parker finally establishes himself as a self - reliant Avenger and overcomes his grief over his mentors death. The latter one he ultimately does, but he is still overshadowed by Tony. In fact, almost everything revolves around him and Parker's dependency was indeed visible. His character tries to step into his mentors footsteps and become the "next Iron Man" which so frustrating to watch as we know that Spider - Man doesn't need a Tony Stark who baby - sits him all the time. Luckily, he sort of realizes that in the end. Moreover, the Stark Tech that was introduced in this movie felt convoluted in my mind and all of Peter's arsenal was built FOR him. That was also my problem in Homecoming as I liked his self - made suit the most. Surely, this is not the OG Spider - Man when it comes to the weaponry. What I did like is that Spider - Man is active, he was always in pursuit of something, he never aimlessly wandered around and thus the movie's pacing was good except for that First Act. The reinforcement of the decision between choosing to stay with his friends and taking responsibility was done wonderfully as it encapsulates the essence of Spidey and even with so much going in the MCU, Far From Home remains loyal and authentic to the original character concerning this aspect. Tom Holland embodies Peter Parker with passion and dedication, hence delivering a wholesome portrayal once again.
The plot was at times noticably convenient and people figured things out way to quickly which made it unbelievable, but that's just a minor issue.
Spider - Man: Far From Home is by all means a solid sequel in my opinion. Yes, the First Act was straight up a comedy show and it was rushed, but those action scenes particularly the illusion sequences were fricking astounding. In general, the use of the illusional schemes Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio brought to the table were used quite cleverly as the movie got unpredictable and compelling after the (unsurprising) reveal. Mysterio as a villain I found to be a lot weaker than Keaton's Vulture, mostly because his motivation weren't as strong and the movie didn't bother to explore his character more except of some flashbacks in the exposition - heavy Midpoint which was handled decently, I mean at least it was entertaining with all those flashbacks from previous Marvel movies and Gyllenhaal's acting. Unfortunately as talented as he is, Jake didn't get much to work with.
Overall, I was a little bit disappointed to be honest.
Oh and yeah... the Mid - and Post - Credit scenes are insightful and unexpected!


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