Your Name. ★★★★

I'm not a huge anime fan, in fact I used to dislike them a lot, but woah.
Your Name. is truly a wonderful movie and the premise it holds is imaginative as well as quite fascinating.
Visually stunning, the style of the movie is literally too much to bear and its underlying, heartwarming soundtrack elevates each and every single moment. The animations create a really homely feeling and the vibrant atmosphere is perceptible throughout the entire run time no matter the scenery. Every frame is a painting.
Moreover, this movie is basically aglow with optimism and joy while still being able to hit the right amount of emotional notes at the right times. This is mostly due to Mitsuha and Taki, the protagnists, who are extremely likable and I genuinely appreciate the fact that a large portion of the first section of the movie was dedicated to their flesh outs. Ingeniously written, we get to explore both characters in unusual ways. Your Name. sets up the normal world of one character while we follow the other one in their partner's body trying to figure certain things out. Thus, there are numerous memorable scenes and we are able to relate to these characters even more as we see them struggling, but later on communicating and overcoming these issues. I wish we would have gotten a little bit more about Taki's character in the First Act as it heavily focused on Mitsuhas character and the situation she is in.
The dialogue is cheesy as hell as you would expect from an anime, but the good news is, you get easily accustomed to it after a while.
Despite the story's coherence and traceability, I must frankly say that once the plot advances, the story got confusing for me, especially with the themes of time travel. Therefore, the twist probably caught me off guard quite a bit as it is cleverly written and portrayed. Your Name. is an unpredictable movie overall and offers multiple twists and turns. The protagonists also experience much more low points in the Second and Third Act, which gave them additional depth. The Third Act in particular is absolutely heart-rending and in all honesty one of the most satisfying and fulfilling endings I have ever seen.
Your Name. changed my perceptions of anime and I really do hope to see more of these kind of movies!

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