• Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook


    This movie's a little more irritating every time I watch it, but I still really like it.

  • Return of the Jedi

    Return of the Jedi


    I'll never forget that moment, a moment that was well into my adulthood, where I learned that a lot of people don't like Return of the Jedi. Not in a "it's great, but it's the weakest in the bunch" kind of way, but in a more "Revenge of the Sith is better" mindboggling kind of way. My head spun the same way when I learned that some people don't like all three parts of the Back to the Future trilogy.…

  • The Empire Strikes Back

    The Empire Strikes Back


    With my rewatch of Star Wars: A New Hope falling a little short of overwhelming, I was worried my childhood love for Star Wars was truly gone, but there was one test remaining, the movie we all called our favorite movie at some point in our childhood: The Empire Strikes Back. And it all came back.

    In fact, even as a kid I remember at times skipping A New Hope and watching ESB and ROTJ (always forgetting which one was…

  • GoldenEye



    There's two reasons why Goldeneye is the best. Half a dozen brilliant action scenes and great humor throughout. It's that simple and it never gets old.

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    Oh boy, I've reached the original trilogy!

    OK, Star Wars. I've never reviewed these older ones. First, I should say that even as a kid I would sometimes skip the first one and watch the two sequels. As a kid, Star Wars kind of bored me at times. I'm saying these atrocities to lessen the surprise when I likely give these three movies less than perfect ratings. I watched the Star Wars movies dozens of times like everyone else as…

  • Matchstick Men

    Matchstick Men


    This movie doesn't hold up as well, not because of the foreknown knowledge of the big twist, but because it's not as good a movie knowing what you know. The last scene is the only truly honest one, but it's a good one. Still, it's a well put together movie and I enjoy watching it.

  • Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith


    I hate to admit it, but on my rewatch of Episode III, I realized it wasn't as bad as I remember. It has an awful and ridiculous opening where Anakin lands a falling chunk of metal, the dialogue and acting is mostly atrocious as usual, and the transition into a 30-year-old trilogy is less than seamless, but for most of the time the story is...watchable. I'm not saying it's a good movie, I'm not saying it's an average movie, I'm…

  • Interstellar



    I saw this movie twice when it came out in theaters about a year ago, loved it, but had issues with it. I next revisited the movie in April when it came out on video, but even then I wasn't able to have a fully formed opinion quite congeal. There's just too much going on in this film. So, for whatever reason, I haven't watched it in several months. Partly because it's a heavy movie and I can't just watch…

  • Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

    Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones


    Oh man, this movie is even worse than Phantom Menace. Unlike with Phantom Menace, I have some new things to complain about.

    I and everyone else have already complained greatly about the awful romance between Padme and Anakin, but I think I saw this time why it was doomed. The screenplay was trying to kill (and I do mean "kill") two birds with one stone. At the same time Anakin and Padme were falling in love, they were also building…

  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace


    Episode VII is coming out soon, so I thought I'd go through the previous six films in order. I've never done this before and it's been a LONG time since I've seen the original trilogy, so it should be interesting. Unfortunately, I have to get through the prequels.

    I've gone into great detail in past reviews on why these first three films are so awful, so I'll make it short. This film is awful.

  • Spectre




    James Bond is back. So begins every Bond review going back over 50 years, but this time it’s true. After winks and teases through the three Craig films, we’ve finally reached a time where it appears the goal was to make a classic James Bond film. This means Bond meets with M, quips with Q, uses espionage to get closer and closer to the villain’s elaborate lair, and shags a couple women along the way. Perhaps more importantly, it…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    I wrote a lengthy review last time so I'll keep it short, but mainly I love this movie even more and my complaints from before seem silly now.

    Man, the leader in the mother's mind is Sadness. The movie has nothing to do with this, it's just one of dozens of details they put into this movie to make it nuanced, complicated and deep.