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  • The Trout

    The Trout


    Hard to figure out late period Losey film staring a very young Isabelle Huppert. It's definitely a glacially slow film that doesn't really pay off to much beyond it's own terms. But if you're willing to accept it as is, it's quite effective.
    Spoilers ahead
    Hupperts character is enigmatic but as the film goes on and it starts to delve more into her relationship with her repressed gay husband who's alcoholism keeps getting worse as the film progresses, we start…

  • The Wild Boys

    The Wild Boys


    One of those titles inexplicably on Shudder, the wild boys feels a very French version of the kind of purposefully transgressive experimental erotic films I remember seeing as a teen at the Chicago underground film Festival. While a lot more high budget than some of those features, it has a kind of deliberately homemade cobbled together feel.
    It's an enjoyable meander of a film but those looking for ether some sort of post modern gender critique or straight forward smut will be disappointed.

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  • The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 1: Battles Without Honor and Humanity

    The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 1: Battles Without Honor and Humanity


    Equal parts amazing and confusing, this yakuza picture pulsates wth raw energy.
    I personally don't know a lot about Japanese history or the yakuza but this film seemed a relentlessly grim indictment of the amorality of that period.
    One flaw for me was the long section where the main character was in prison and I personally lost the narrative thread where it was just a ton of side characters bumping each other off. But when he returns sobered both by…

  • Midsommar



    Mb a less scary film than Hereditary but an overall more satisfying one? Particularly enjoyed how Aster shows his mastery of the blackest comedy in the final scenes.