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Jim Sheldon

Movie critic for the porno rag The Hollywood Press.

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  • Sorcerer



    SORCERER (1977)
    Dir: William Friedkin

    "Sorcerer" is heavy light-Summer fare, all sound and fury and signifying nothing. But nihilism is its main point--the futility of existence--and for those willing to spend $3.50 for 120 minutes (plus 5 minutes of overture) of grim adventure will be suitably rewarded by superior acting and direction, as well as location shooting that makes the gruelling "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" look like a bucolic picnic.

    William Friedkin's first directorial effort since "The Exorcist" four…

  • A Simple Heart

    A Simple Heart


    A SIMPLE HEART (1977)
    Dir: Giorgio Ferrara

    For those who've suffered through "Madame Bovary" and other Gustave Flaubert dullards, the Italian "A Simple Heart" is a breath of fresh cine-literary air--simultaneously a satire of, and homage to, ol' Flau.

    The familiar tale of the life of the faithful if pin-headed peasant maid, "Heart" features a radiant performance by Adriana Asti, indicating simple-mindedness is next to godliness.

    After yock-worthy sequences in which she repeatedly rejects the sexual advances of bumpkin-stud Joe…

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  • Return of the Jedi

    Return of the Jedi


    Dir: Richard Marquand

    What is stronger than The Force? Well, for myself, it's the friendship (1964-present) and film-critic-peership (1972-present) between myself and Mr. William Frederick Margold, who-after 20th Century-Fox displayed early-in-year Scrooge-ship in the non-giving of a second press pass to "Return of the Jedi"-treated me, on opening day, to "Jedi" at the Egyptian. He raised his grade (see last week for review) from A to A+, the latter of which is also my grade.…

  • Ms .45

    Ms .45


    MS. 45 (1981)
    Dir: Abel Ferrara

    Ms.45, despite an ad campaign that suggests a distaff Death Wish, is actually a reasonably competent, but hopelessly nihilistic, urban nightmare about a young woman driven bonkers after enduring two separate rapes in one day.

    Mute Manhattan garment district worker Thana (Zoë Tamerlis, giving the best lead performance in an exploitation film of that year), who works for seemingly-gay but probably bi-lecherous Albert Sinkys, is yanked into an alley on her way home from…