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This review may contain spoilers.

Audiences are so startled by cum. Seriously, they all gasped and I had to cover my laugh at their reaction. Though I must admit, a couple brought their kids to this thinking "knights, action, Excalibur!" Genuinely felt bad for those kids who were clearly restless throughout and those poor parents too might have to explain that moment later down the line. As far as my reaction, nearly every shot took my breath away and sometimes that's all it takes for me. Granted, I am going to watch this again with subtitles in hopes of understanding what was being said better, but as far as a memorable theatrical experience, this is definitely a 2021 highlight for me on that level. Maybe if I had watched this at home I would feel differently though I kind of a doubt it. It's a feast for thine eyes. Reminded me of some strange Malick meets Oz Perkins mushroom trip that I found satisfying in the end even if I didn't understand what was happening and why at times. Visuals alone sometimes go a long way when they’re this breathtaking.

It's one of those "immerse yourself and don't think too much about it" films that many will find frustrating. Lowery is idiosyncratic in a way that I just happen to dig even when there's a bit of a disconnect on a story level. There's no denying though the subtle power of its Last Temptation of Christ-like final act that despite knowing the outcome, I was still awe-struck by the wordless storytelling on display. Sink into the pace and just let it wash over you. Wish I could've done that with M. Night's latest but at least this Knight worked on me. The director's best work to date.

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