The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

I never thought that Robert Pattinson would be able to pull off a good Batman but by good he does it so well. At this point I think Rob can do any role that you throw at him, such a stellar talent. Still not quite a good Batman as Bale but only by a hairs width.

This film showcased a different side to Batman that you don't normally see in the films with the detective and investigation rather than his mindless crime fighting. It really felt more akin to the gritty version of the comics and the games that have come out recently.

Jeffrey Wright was a fantastic Jim with big boots to fill following on from Gary Oldman (Affleck Batman doesn't exist in my mind). Somebody that didn't come close to the older actors was Andy Serkis as Alfred but trying to match Caine for that role was always going to be a failing task. I didn't like Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman at all but I think that's because I hate her after sitting through one of the worst movies of all time Kimi, I don't think I'll ever like her in anything again.

Overall a really good film and I hope they make another one! Really not convinced about the Joker set-up at the end, I think Ledger smashed that role so much it's going to disappoint a little.