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  • Throne of Blood

    Throne of Blood


    Where arrows will find you not only from the front, but from the rear.

    Q: What do you get when you mix the legendary Kurosawa-Mifune duo, with lots of rain, a shit ton of arrows, and some samurai top knots?

    A: A fucking masterpiece

  • Close-Up



    Would you have tracked them to their house and been their Makhmalbaf for a few days too?”

    Took me a bit to get into, but once I did I absolutely loved it. So many powerful moments!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing more from Kiarostami!

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  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    Have you ever watched a movie, and just been thinking the whole time: Man, I really wish I had the main character’s job!

    On a serious note, this movie is fantastic!! The soundtrack is amazing, the direction and writing are both great, all the performances are phenomenal, and the storyline is just perfect! And it captured the 1970s and 80s in the best way I’ve ever seen a movie do!

    I don’t know how Paul Thomas Anderson is THIS good…

  • Nostalgia



    Didn’t hit me quite as hard as some other Tarkovsky’s. Little disappointed.

    The long takes though!! 🤩