Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★

*Inhales deeply*


Its so incredibly frustrating trying to pinpoint the cause as to why I didn't enjoyed this movie as I raised my expectations following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from fellow users. Expected a great horror film, only to be given a rather above average thriller. Who's to blame here? Myself at raising expectations to levels that were frankly unreachable? the audience by hearing their furiously orgasmic moans after coming out of the theater? the film? The Giant Spaghetti Monster?
Anyway, I like it, but it's incredibly flawed.

But first, the positives. The cinematography and camera movements are incredibly well done, especially in the first aerial shot, or the tracking shot once the trio breaks into the house. The acting from the four leads was great and put enough emotion to be rather believable. There were some tense sections, especially at the beginning and the one with utter darkness.

However, the film starts to become a slog by the end. It looses most of its steam by becoming incredibly predictable in a once unpredictable film, and hurting the twists as a return by calling them off. Didn't help of the much spoilers I was bombarded with the whole "Turkey-baster" scene, so the whole impact after seeing that particular point was diminished because of that. The stylistic choices also became tiresome after a while, exemplified by the overuse of the "ringing in the ears after a loud noise" trope (thanks Steve). After the third time they pulled it off, I was already sick of it. Don't get me started on the ending.

Note to self: don't listen to people's opinions, don't believe the hype, follow Pink in his steps in building The Wall.


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