The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Why didn't I see this on opening day I'll never know. Hell, you could also add the reason that this thing bombed and I never saw any of the Lethal Weapon movies before too.

Just putting it in a generalized fashion, both main leads are wonderful. Ryan Gosling especially embraces his character rather well; no scratch that, Russel Crowe too, surprisingly as an actor that I do not like much, he embraced the cold professional character of Healy rather nicely (no pun intended). The other actors also get their respective screen time put to good use. Narratively speaking, is contrived. In one hand, the logic is there, and others, it relies, sometimes cheaply, on coincidence for establishing plot points, maybe too often and can potentially hurt the mystery elements that this sort of films rely on. However, the wonderful chemistry of our protagonists hinders this complaint, along with some sequences of witty humor and tense action, both executed in a great fashion. That elevator scene was particularly laugh-out-loud worthy.

What a great film to get back onto some actually good 2016 movies, a year that sorely lacked.


Hold on there, Arrival.

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