Reign of Fire ★★½


Reign of Fire is ultimately an A+ production treatment for a D+ screenplay. The special effects, set design, and talent acquired are all worthy of a much better film, but unfortunately it's the novice script that holds this film back. The dialogue is nothing spectacular, but not terrible either and the story is quite entertaining. It's simply the manner in which events unfold and the lack in elaborate development that the script fails to pull off. The science behind events is nonexistent and the plotting is extremely uneven. While the characters are not given much development, Bale manages to make his character stand out and McConaughey delivers an extremely enjoyable performance. The female lead is perhaps among the most ridiculous as her entire existence is as simple as an attempt to create an unsuccessful chemistry with Bale's lead. Basically there are a hundred and one things wrong with the script and the direction is only decent, but the rest of the production is so well-designed it does make for a decent time in front of the TV. The dragons are certainly given fair treatment, but in the end you can't help but wonder what a better writer/director could have done with this story and this production team.