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  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    It didn't sound like he was lying. I don't know if it's the truth, but he was telling you what was true to him.

    Drive My Car is a film centered, more than anything, around the idea of communication, of connection, of finding a way to reach within the deepest parts of yourself and come to grips with your emotions and traumas, and to try, in some small way, to convey yourself to another person, to be understood - and…

  • Claire's Knee

    Claire's Knee


    She arouses a desire in me that's real yet has no purpose and is all the stronger because of it. Pure desire. A desire of nothing.

    The callous disregard for and manipulation of others' feelings, wrought by desire both pointless and masturbatory.

    Objectification is one of those words that tends to get thrown around in such a way that we sometimes lose sight of its (obvious, self-explanatory) actual meaning; not simply to sexualize someone, or to experience desire for them,…

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  • EO



    This is the movie I wanted Au Hasard Balthazar to be. Minimum humans as necessary, pure donkey action.

    EO is the most lovable donkey in cinema. So much personality. Just a delightful, lovable scamp. A sense of humor and a heart of gold.

    It's honestly insane how good the cinematography in this was.

    Jenny is weeping a bowl of tears from the knowledge that she has no chance at Best Donkey in a Motion Picture at the Oscar's this year.

    Mom's thoughts: "It was great, right up until the ending."

  • Skinamarink



    Can we watch something happy?

    I understand hating Skinamarink. I think the tendency of the internet to reward outsized anger (whereby a movie cannot simply be disliked, or even just bad, but representative of the downfall of an entire genre, or medium, or possibly even civilization itself; and Letterboxd surely loves such catastrophizing), as well as aggressive glibness, creates an environment in which a thing, disliked, must necessarily be stripped of all extant merit. Do I do this myself? Probably…

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  • Windfall



    Try being a rich white guy these days!

    When life gives you Plemons, make Plemonade.

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  • No Man of God

    No Man of God


    "Do you know why I did it?"

    "Because you wanted to."

    Francois Truffaut famously said that it's impossible to make an anti-war war movie, because the act of depicting it always inadvertently ends up glorifying it; that which is supposed to horrify, instead titillates. One begins to suspect that the same may be true of Ted Bundy films. And if the industry maintains its current trajectory, the latter sub-genre may soon become more numerous than the former.

    This movie doesn't…