Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★★

We must keep on living.

The way I never wanted this movie to end. I could watch these two drive around for hours.

This is a spectacular slow-burn character study; and when I say slow-burn, I mean it feels as if it's practically idling in the parking lot at times. But as anyone who's watched films of this length already knows, this is far from a bad thing. One simply gets absorbed into the rhythms of the film, immersed in the headspace of its character.

It's somewhat frustrating, because this is a movie that I loved so incredibly, and yet it's difficult to fully capture and articulate just what made it work so well. It's simply a mesmerizing experience, and it simply works.

Then the final hour or so (time becomes difficult to measure) comes along, and truly cements this as one of the greatest of the year. Just positively backloaded with some of the most emotionally powerful scenes, that pays off with an incredible one-two-three punch of an ending which is just... chef's kiss.

The scene near the end at the snow almost made me cry.

Mom's thoughts: "It was good."

Drama - 9.5/10

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