Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★½

It's dangerous to mistake speaking without thinking for speaking the truth.

Oh Rian Johnson, I never doubted you.

Knives Out set quite a high bar, and it is with great pleasure that I can report the sequel fully lives up to the reputation of the original.

The first was extraordinarily clever in the way it was able to subvert our own process of attempting to unravel the mystery, shifting genres and making us believe we knew more than we did. Follow-ups to this sort of thing can be tricky; we've seen the tricks, and we become more conscious that a subversion will be taking place. Even doing the opposite of what we expect would be obvious, in its own way.

Of course, Johnson fully succeeds in crafting a mystery that manages to be more twisty than you expect, continually surprising you and managing to feel like a whole new beast, rather than simply a remix of the old song. To say I didn't see any of the turns coming would be an understatement. You think you know where it's going, you anticipate subversion and eschewed expectations, and still it pulls the rug from under you.

And, as with the first film, this masterclass in murder mystery is laced with razor-sharp commentary, and an incredible sense of humor, brought by yet another memorable and eclectic cast of ridiculous characters (including quite a few surprise cameos!). Janelle Monae, as you will have heard, is an absolute show-stealer.

I could watch Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig do these movies forever, and honestly, I would be disappointed if they didn't.

Mom's thoughts: "I really liked it."

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