Lamb ★★★★

What the fuck is this?

Nothing on this earth will ever give me as much joy as the image of lamb in a sweater.

Admittedly, there are times when this movie feels too slow, especially in the first chapter. (I was not surprised when I saw Béla Tarr listed as an executive producer). But fortunately, even the too-slow periods are helped along by some wonderful cinematography (so many landscapes).

But once the lamb gets adopted as their child, this becomes something truly fascinating to behold.

This has been marketed as a horror movie, and I suspect many are going in with the expectation of something akin to The Witch. There are certainly horror aspects in this, and it often has the tone of horror, but this is primarily something quite different.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to say too much about the themes without spoiling anything, but it's an intriguing, endearing and, yes, sometimes horrifying story of parenthood and nature - less folk horror, and more folk tale.

At one point, the lamb child is sitting in a chair holding a cat in her lap, and it is the most adorable image you will see all year.

Mom's thoughts: "I don't even have any thoughts."

Drama/Horror - 8.25/10

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