Joker ★★★★

“Why so serious?”

Guess the movie

Move over Twitter blue checkmark, Warren-supporting, Marvel-loving, media journalists, this is OUR movie.

In all seriousness, it’s nice to get a comic book movie about something. And it’s important to keep in mind that this is still a comic book movie. Neither a detriment nor appraisal to the film. It’s not the next Martin Scorsese film. It’s a comic book origin movie with classic cinematic influences. It has flaws. It’s not as complex as it is wants to be. But that’s more that can be said about most CB movies. 

It’s very open with its Taxi Driver influence, but not entirely derivative. While it lacks the nuance of Taxi Driver, it still presents a poignant and relevant examination of American society. And I didn’t expect Taxi Driver 2. Todd Philips is no Scorsese, Scott Silver is no Paul Schrader, there is no score that can come close to Bernard Herrmann’s, and Joker is no Travis Bickle. While both characters complete similar arcs of using violence to become accepted in a hostile society, Joker trades social isolation amongst urban decay with mental illness amongst class tensions. Speaking of, it’s refreshing getting a critical view of the Waynes. It’s hard to view the billionaires as the good guys these days.

I’ve seen a lot of takes from people that seem to want to be smarter than the movie, resorting to referencing some meme (that I’m indirectly responsible for). You should probably spend less time online then. Should this movie just have been a quippy meta humor action comedy? Like yeah I get it, edgelords and fakedeep 14 year olds like the Joker. You’d all be saying this about The Dark Knight’s Joker too if it came out today. Just ignore all that and try to be more honest with your critique. I truly understand the critiques. I mean I find it hard to believe Todd Philips could’ve made anything of substance. But if you’re already expecting to dislike this movie, there’s nothing in it that will change your mind.

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