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  • Introduction



    due to being as prolific as he is, and being as stylistically and thematically consistent as he is, it becomes easy to dismiss many of hong sang soo's films as minor.

    hong films work the best for me when they tap into a concept beyond just "people (most definitely including a filmmaker) drink and talk about inconsequential things".

    that all said, "introduction" is most definitely a minor work, i've quite rarely dismissed one of his films as a lazy rehashing…

  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    i remember being very disappointed with asako i & ii, considering the hype it had coming out of cannes

    hamaguchi isn't an obvious stylist one way or another on the visual stimuli spectrum (you can be a gaspar noe or you can be a tarkovsky, to be reductionist for the sake of time) which i don't think helps his cause in my books either

    what is quite obvious is that he does prefer somewhat obvious digital cameras, which is usually not…

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  • Peninsula



    this is a disgrace to the cannes badge

    yeon sang ho just recycles all the themes he milked to death in "train to busan", (self-sacrifice, familial connection, people going mad in the face of peril, and past guilt causing jarringly rapid character development)
    adds even more people crying and calling out in slow motion, lazily slaps it together and calls it a film

    the only thing good about "train to busan" was the train, it itself was a blatantly tearjerking…

  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    effortlessly "cool", whatever that word means

    i think it's just the right fusion of a multitude of different sources that just somehow "clicks", and watanabe seems to be very well-versed in finding those perfect combinations

    here, jazz, film-noir, hong-kong action films (john woo era), space meld together in the medium of animation and it's just right for some reason