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  • Hero


    Yimou is considerably more interesting for his interweaving political threads of power plays and deceit than he is for the extravagent swordplay, which itself alone would be worth the price of admission. You get the best of both worlds; multilayered historical epic by way of magnificent style.

  • A Day in the Country

    A Day in the Country

    I'm not caught up on all the production situations that led to the film being unfinished, but even in this incomplete state A Day in the Country is as exquisite as film can get. The black and white feels so warm within frames so full of texture, capturing the mood of paintings once made by Renoir's own father (which the film is so clearly made the vein of, whether knowingly or not). Eroticism is sincere and free of negative connotation,…

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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    It's like a big ball of hope, humor and warmth without any over-sentimentality or cheesiness. It has an overwhelming sense of optimism but never becomes dishonest, an incredible achievement in my book. From start to finish it repeatedly makes me laugh and enjoy myself. When it's over I want to watch it again. I need more thoughtful films like this in my life.

  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels

    Things that happen:

    - Drew Barrymore disguises herself as an African man
    - Drew Barrymore wears brownface
    - Cameron Diaz wears brownface
    - Cameron Diaz wins over Harlem by her dance skills
    - Sam Rockwell does an impersonation of Christopher Walken in King of New York
    - Drew Barrymore licks a a steering wheel to seduce a man
    - Tom Green appears as Tom Green
    - Tim Curry, Bill Murray, and Crispin Glover all appear at their peak camp