• Eloísa está debajo de un almendro

    Eloísa está debajo de un almendro

    Forget about “Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots”, shut your eyes, and try to mentally extract the dizzying array of 9003 purposes and obstacles of this film’s situations and intrigues.
    The cadence of speech is as irregular and explosive as in “His Girl Friday”.
    Cherish also a suicide note penmanship, calligraphy of a rendezvous invitation card, or a cat victims’ record layout.

  • The Sadness Will Not Last Forever
  • Acéphale


    It's time to abandon the bright lights of the civilized world.
    It's too late for attempts to be reasonable and educated.
    Which, in any case, makes life highly unattractive.
    Whether secretly or not, we must change completely or cease to exist altogether.
    The world to which we belonged gave us nothing to love beyond the inadequacies of each individual.
    One's existence is limited by one's commodities.
    A world one cannot love to death represents nothing more than an obligation to…

  • Los guapos del parque

    Los guapos del parque

    This version (of the McCutcheon-Porter-Chomón-Lubin) seems the most realistic. The hero is without a doubt an idiot specimen and the heroines chase after him with obvious irony. It's closest to core reality. The other three versions (the hero's idiocy is somewhat concealed, the heroines pursue him eagerly, with full effort) represent rather a male fantasy.

  • Testament


    We are calling on history today
    Calling our ancestor Nii Okine Kwei
    Our revered Elder Tackie Tawai
    Our beloved Elder Kojo Ababio
    Reveal to us your spirit of defiance
    Your kinfolk are dying
    Did you forsake us before dying?
    Had we already lost at the time of your death?
    What pact did you make with the foreigners?
    That they now control our lives?
    Beware, an omen is upon us
    Take heed and answer us
    Take heed and let there be harmony

  • Track 29

    Track 29

    Chattanooga Choo-choo!
    Yakety-yak, yakety-yak!
    Clang-clang, clang-clang!

  • The Luddites

    The Luddites

    "The Luddites could never have won but they left their mark on British folklore. Their supposed leader, King Ludd or Ned Ludd, was a fiction who was promoted as a Robin Hood character. During riots one Luddite might pose as King Ludd wearing a fancy costume and there was a certain amount of cross-dressing. Ringleaders would sometimes dress as women, calling themselves Ludd’s wives. Some Luddites favoured a particular brand of huge sledgehammer known as the Mighty Enoch for smashing machinery, and the tool was celebrated in ballads of the time."

  • Ringing in the ears

    Ringing in the ears

    Ryutate totatetut tuttū tūsai
    Esate kosateshu gyurtū shūsai
    Esate kosateshu ryuttū shūsai
    Esate kosateshu ryuttū shūno
    Esate kosateshu ruttū shūsai
    Esate kosateshu ryūtū shūno
    Esate kosateshu tuttū shūsai
    Esate kosateshu ryūtū shūsai

    Takana kotō kittuttāno mita
    Notta nōsāi kiren kottū
    Akano tokā rittuttāne turu
    Kossu tōsāi kinen tūtō
    Akana kitā tokkunōki nasu
    Kotto bāki etā nōtū
    Kutate korā kittettāne tumo
    Kotta rīshu akan tessū

    Rū rūshtū kossainōstū pārētūsa kosshūtō
    Kītū hākānattē tārīkūna tūrūtō
    Kētā hekkōryūshū tārētūsa korrūtū
    Tūhtū ettānōsā tēnītūkī shūryūsā

    Kotane tokatetut tuttū tūsai
    Etana kotaketu ryūtū tōka
    Etani kirekuto nattō tūta
    Esuno kokakena kuttū shūsai

  • Morale 63

    Morale 63

    Hello, my child.
    You don't know the world yet.
    So we're not yet showing you our true colors.
    And that throws off your equilibrium.
    Let oneself degenerate!
    Don't miss a moment!
    Always "Bottoms Up!", "Bottoms Up!"
    Don't wither, don't standstill.
    He who deliberates and stands still breaks down.
    Tempo, tempo, my son!
    Go in!
    Life is only a salad of pictures,
    with which one wallpapers one's soul.
    And that salad of all those vivid pictures
    is spiced and served you…

  • The White Disease

    The White Disease

    a true story of "the white disease"...

    She-Doctor Galen: Dark Peripetias of the White Sickness
    — psychotomimetic utopia revealing repressed inspirational sources of the works by Karel Čapek
    — microhistorical fresco mapping the distressful events of the first six decades of 20th century
    — Czech-Polish-Soviet contribution to the history of the global microbiology, regenerative medicine and biogerontology

  • A Race for a Bride

    A Race for a Bride

    +watchlist (missing on Ltbxd):
    Hypnotic Suggestion (David Aylott, 1909)
    A mesmerist makes a man think he is a horse.

    side note:
    a man who thinks he is a horse is likely to win a race for a bride!

  • The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin

    The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin

    Mimi, Zizi, Lala, Lolo,
    Nini, Gigi, Gugu, Popo,
    (Mak), Pepe, Pigo, Toto.

    Are Jiji and Riri also penguin names?
    Is Jiri a merging of two penguin names Jiji and Riri?
    Translating Lolo as Scamper and Pepe as Snowflake is a huge disservice to the movie.

    I can relate to penguins' misanthropy.
    However, I think it's a mistake if they exempt people of science from their (understandable) hatred towards humanity.

    Remarkable animated aurora australis!