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  • High Society

    High Society


    Why do so many of these old musicals have the musicals bits that feel so unnecessary and not even that good to be put in there.
    I didn't know this was a remake and haven't seen the original, so after finishing the film I thought there was an entertaining story in there which is filled with stupid stuff to make it annoying all the time. A lot of it felt like the agenda by rich white men to make themselves…

  • The Outsiders

    The Outsiders


    I might have enjoyed this a bit more if I didn't know Coppola directed it. I mean the guy who already made the Godfather films and Apocalypse Now didn't know how to properly adapt a novel seems ridiculous. One of the main problems with the film is that every frame of it tells you that it's based on a book. There really doesn't seem to have been any effort in the script other than shooting the important part of the…

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  • 2046


    “In the Mood for Love” showcased a hopeless love story, that which is lost even before its inception. “2046” portrays the hopeless attempts to overcome the repression of emotions by the repression of identity. Chow’s idealized love for Su, which he lost, lead him into a state in which he can’t stay true to his emotions. So he moves on without looking back only to look back at those who reminds him of his lost love, which ultimately leads to…

  • Joker



    King of Comedy but with the protagonist who's much more worse and knowing that himself with the controversy elements as much as A Clockwork Orange. Phoenix delivers one of the greatest performances of all time. The tie ins to the Batman universe is done so minimally but with perfection.