2046 ★★★★★

“In the Mood for Love” showcased a hopeless love story, that which is lost even before its inception. “2046” portrays the hopeless attempts to overcome the repression of emotions by the repression of identity. Chow’s idealized love for Su, which he lost, lead him into a state in which he can’t stay true to his emotions. So he moves on without looking back only to look back at those who reminds him of his lost love, which ultimately leads to the realization that he needs to let go of the past. Chow’s thoughts are further explored in the sci-fi world of his novel "2046". As each of the characters in his life is portrayed as a character in the novel, his real emotions towards them are exposed, as the writing progresses, even to him.

Yearning for love is a basic human emotion that has always been a consistent theme in Wong films. Even when doing action/biography films like "The Grandmaster", the film ends up more or less about love. “2046” portrays the chaos of lost souls who are looking for love from all the wrong places and their suffering when they can’t let go of the love they found or get hold of. Like every Wong film, “2046” is also at its best when the visual and musical motifs lead the viewers to feel what the characters are going through.

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