Melancholia ★★★★

Pet-hate time. Lots of whispering in this film. If you can be bothered writing dialogue, let the audience hear it. Ok, for the most part the film is confusingly very annoying and highly enjoyable at the same time. However, some things are more clear-cut - the Kirsten Dunst nude on the riverbank scene is inspired, for example. Bravo, Kirsten! I think the film is about depression: not just my depression on having watched it in its entirety, but the two sisters themselves seemed a bit down and in need of a nice cup of tea or even some shock therapy. The music is exquisite, and if there's one thing I'm sure of it's that Wagner only ever brings out the best in people. I genuinely like the jittery camera; makes it so much easier to watch when drunk. Not to spoil the ending, but they all deserve it when they get eaten by those vagabond space alien dinosaur creatures.

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