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  • 5ive Girls

    5ive Girls

    "You do that up right now young lady. You do that back up right now."
    - Father Drake (Ron Perlman)

    Man, this film is so bloody 2000s, it actually hurts. Oh god it hurts. It's so campy and over-the-top and ridiculous but it also has something of an endearing charm to it for me, weirdly. Like, don't get me wrong, it is an absolute trash fire as far as being a horror flick goes, but entertainingly bad enough to stick…

  • Found Footage 3D

    Found Footage 3D

    "Why people waste their fucking money on this vomit-inducing, amateur hour bullshit is fucking beyond me!"
    - Thomas (Tom Saporito)

    The setup of this one should have been something I'd have been all over, as I'm quite partial to the whole meta-horror thing if it is done effectively. And this is a meta-horror through and through, with constant references to genre tropes, and in particular the cliches of the found footage sub-genre.

    It gets that part right. The doing it…

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  • Antichrist


    “Nature is Satan's church.”
    - She (Charlotte Gainsbourg)

    Over on the Internet Movie Database, someone once described Lars Von Trier as, and I quote, ‘an arty wanker’.
    Now, although that is perhaps the most unsophisticated and rudimentary way of expressing it, they did have a point. It isn’t hard to see why Trier could be considered pretentious, especially with his most controversial outing yet, Antichrist.

    To say it is unforgettable is a gross understatement. Rather, for better or worse, it…

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66

    “Just look like we are a married couple, spanning time!”
    -Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo)

    Buffalo ’66 is the feature debut from Vincent Gallo, who also writes and stars as the lead. I feel I must first admit; I didn’t actually want to like this film. I had heard much about Gallo prior to seeing this (and not all sung his praises.), particularly that he is rather egotistic and self-absorbed, and that he complained about having to do all the work…