Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

Wow, had no idea that I would enjoy this as much as I did. All I had known going in to this was that it was an Oscar Isaac movie about a 1960’s folk musician set in New York City. I had no idea it was even a Coen Brothers movie till the end. I really should have seen that part coming due to the expert integration of grounded humor throughout and John Goodman. 

I am in shock at how in the dark I was about this movie. It was a great surprise to see all of these notable actors in this movie together, each delivering a fantastic performance. Oscar Isaac deserves large amounts of praise for his portrayal of Lewyn Davis as this egocentric user who has a level of charm to him. Every song had a purpose and invoked emotion. This easily goes in as one of my top watches of recent memory and as one of the best period pieces I have seen. I enjoyed the way the narrative was connected together through its expert pacing. 

Perhaps Disney’s Star Wars sequels would have been better received they featured a dramatic twist where Kylo Ren turns his back on the first order in order to record a novelty single with Poe Dameron and that guy who founded Napster and helped Mark Zuckerberg start Facebook. I know I would have found a single drop of entertainment in Marriage Story if Charlie Baker took his trumpet out and began to play ‘Please Mr. Kennedy’.

I would recommend this movie to anyone and would urge fans of folk music to watch immediately.

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