Hereditary ★★★★½

My little sister was out in a sleepover and my parents really wanted to watch a horror film.
So I thought which one we should watch, a good movie, a scary movie, a “normal” movie!
And Hereditary was the perfect choice.

And I will not get tired of saying it, but how the fuck is this movie a debut? Are you kidding me? Some great debuts are thanks to a marvelous screenplay or some amazing use of style, but my god Ari Aster crafted an incredible mature film.
With only 2 films out, this guy is definitely something to look after!

I appreciated the movie more on the second watch! When you know something is coming you just feel tense! And in a way that’s better.

I still believe the screenplay needed a little more clarity in the portrayal of the “satanic cult” and the process in which Paimon lives. But everything else is amazing.

If you have seen it once, trust me, see it twice!