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  • TÁR


    Oh my god don't talk like a redditor for TWO MINUTES please you fucking neckbeard cringelord

  • Oppenheimer


    Nolan was probably confident that he did better than to reduce the story of the atomic bomb to mere spectacle, but I'm sat here listening while the film revels in the mythologization of nuclear power, mouth agape at the pores in Cillian Murphy's face in 70mm while the subwoofer tickles my balls. Is this the weight of history?

    Oppenheimer's role is characterized as that of a self-righteous man who begrudgingly harnesses the power of God lest it fall into the…

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    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    In the Mood for Rick and Morty

  • Elvis



    I missed the beginning so my rating is a bit presumptuous but unless Elvis called BB King the n word in the first ten minutes I think I'm safe