The Irishman ★★★


- Anna Paquin gave a masterclass in non-verbal acting
- The de-aging CGI was actually really good (although De Niro never looks as young as he should, his body language is old so)
- The score was really fun
- The movie is way longer than it should be and undeserving of it’s length - if someone wants to watch it in parts you let them!
- Al Pacino is the only one close to deserving an acting nom, De Niro just frowned for three and a half hours and Joe Pesci was just there
- Literally what was the point
- Anna Paquin dethroned Margot Robbie as the top billed actress with least amount of lines in 2019
- Joe Pesci has a butt chin on his nose and it’s disturbing 
- Younger De Niro has a shirtless scene and I kept thinking how they probably had to de-age his chest or use a double 
- Checked the time more times than I do in a day
- I kept zoning out subconsciously which I can only assume was my brain’s form of self preservation
- De-aged Robert De Niro getting called “kid” tested my sanity and is my villain origin story

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