• Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    "So...umm...do you suppose...we should talk about money?"
    "Yeah, I guess so. That depends on what you want do."
    "What do you want to do?"
    "Well, what do you recommend?"

  • The Swimmer

    The Swimmer


    Cheever by way of Sirk.

    Taking a page out of Neddy Merrill's book from now on. Next time I'm asked to describe myself in two words, I'm going with "noble" and "splendid."

  • Night of the Living Doo

    Night of the Living Doo

    Forgot all about this until I heard it mentioned on an adult swim podcast.

    David Cross alone makes this worth the time investment.

  • Nebraska



    "How were you supposed to know if you're sure?"

    The perfect movie for locking into Thanksgiving mindset.

  • Training Day

    Training Day


    Watched on my laptop during a power outage from Hurricane Ida. Got to have a couple hundred classics on the ol' hard drive for these kind of situations.

  • Crooklyn



    "Ladybug, you turned out pretty good considering you were raised in a house full of ashy, rusty butt boys."

  • Body Double

    Body Double


    "I'm a bit of an expositionist"

    Could not stop cracking up at Craig Wasson's amazing facial expressions. So much more enjoyable the second time around.

  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?

    The stakes couldn't be lower but every obstacle and detour feels monumental.

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded


    Plenty of great action set pieces but I've never given less of a shit about worldbuilding or these characters.

    The Law of Conservation of Ninjustu: The Movie.
    This is why the fight against the twins is so satisfying. A welcome break from nonstop horde battles.

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    "Communities which ought to be furnaces where souls are forever on fire with the love of God are merely dead with the grey ashes of convenience."

    Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave's performances are unbelievable. There are moments when Redgrave gets so worked up that she does the "Sweet Dee" voice.

    [109 minute cut]

  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    To settle the old debate: if you turn the lights out and watch it in silence, it's a movie. If you keep the lights on or talk over it, it's television.

    Enjoyed this so much more on a rewatch. Knowing the general trajectory allows you to watch it with patience and appreciate the details. The shock also does not fade an inch.

    Favorite moments
    - The Experiment in the glass cube
    - Wally Brando
    - Mr. Jackpots
    - All of…

  • The General

    The General


    Watched a colorized version with bizarre sound effects on Prime.

    Weird to think that this movie was about as far removed from the Civil War as we are now from the Vietnam War.