Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★

The best part of the movie was the scene between Meryl and Amanda.. like my status if u cried.

I wasn't planning on writing anything else, but before one of you start coming at me for "hating to have fun" for this rating, let me say this. Mamma Mia! is one of my favorite movies. When it came out, me and my sister were absolutely obsessed. We loved the musical and the movie just had so much heart to it. It was fun and glittery. The songs were all great, the performances were all great. We used to dance around the kitchen blasting the soundtrack 24/7. I sang like all the songs in my music theatre class. I was so in love with this movie. And y'all really had me believing this sequel was better than the first, or at least on par with the first. It wasn't. It could be maybe because they used the majority of the best (or well known) ABBA songs for the first one, or it could be because this movie somehow manages to feel rushed but prolonged at the same time. I felt like I kept waiting for the movie to start. It felt... empty. This hype around Cher? Like she deserved that magical musical number? Sophie needed more musical moments, as did the present day Harry, Bill and Sam (not really Sam bc he sucks at singing but he can just dance in the background) and of course Rosie and Tanya did. The latter being the most fun to watch, especially because of Meryl Streep's notable absence. You can't remove Meryl and expect Cher to fill her void. It didn't work and it won't ever work. And to not even tell the audience why she’s dead... Like? She wasn’t that old so it clearly couldn’t have been from old age. She seemed to be in good health, no one mentioned her being sick and she took good care of herself in the first. We AT LEAST deserved an explanation. I felt cheated without one. 

I'm sure this movie will grow on me the more I watch it, because I love musicals so much and I really, really loved the first. I really wish they would have kept the same director as the first or at least chosen another female director. Y’all really think men can tell these stories? Ugh. Y’all just lied to me and now I'm disappointed and broken.

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