Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

I don't think the ending of Lady Bird will ever stop leaving me in tears. It's so personal to me, this idea of falling in love with a place and the people there and then just.... up and moving thousands of miles away. You never get enough time with the people you love, and you don't even realize it until you've been on your own for a week and just ache knowing there's so much left unsaid and so much time left until you get to see them again, to hear their voices and just occupy the same space. There's still not enough distance between now and me having a similar experience for it not to be just as raw an experience as it was nearly two years ago, when I sat in the theater well after the credits had begun, wiping tears away. There's an honesty to that final sequence few other movies can hope to attain.

The rest of Lady Bird is still as delightful as ever, but I've been yearning to rewatch it specifically for the end, and to finally put those emotions into words and get them off my chest. The whole movie is just so, so brilliant.

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