Midsommar ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

One of the best films I’ve seen in terms of mountainous flower gowns and traumatic head injuries. Aster’s obsession with old nude women definetly peaked in Hereditary, since it nearly ruined the film for me here. The wonderfully framed cinematography from Pogorzelski drives the film, without it being so beautiful I honestly don’t think the film would be good at all whatsoever. I loved the sound design for the most part (some of Poulter’s dialogue during the first trip scene was either poorly recorded, shittily mixed, or bizarrely processed intentionally?? That little detail distracted me for so long), and the score was phenomenal. Substantively speaking this kind of falls short for me. It just didn’t hit the way Hereditary did. After a while everything felt fairly predictable, and even if it was a surprise, it was far from shocking (oftentimes just straight up hilarious). I hope Ari can come through with something a wee more refined next time.

Despite my criticisms, I still enjoyed this thoroughly and it engaged me for the entirety of its runtime. An indisputably epic feminist win moment.

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