Nope ★★★★

Jordan Peele nails it again. Over the course of 3 films, he’s leaned further from character horror into absurd monster horror on a steep slope. Yet he’s pulled it off all three times. I will say, unlike many other reviewers I’ve seen, I do not think this is his best. But with Get Out under his belt that’s an extremely high bar to clear. Compared to other modern horror, this is top tier. It’s his most ‘fun’, blockbuster-y film yet, and I can see why the wider movie-going audience is falling in love with it. There’s definitely something here for everyone, regardless of your choice genre. Comedy, action, suspense, horror, drama, sci-fi. It’s all of these. I just really want Peele to lean hard into the horror lane and put out more 5 star over the top shockers.

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