Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

2.75 honestly.

There are limits to how sneaky a serial killer can be. And how terrible a town can be at getting the word out about a serial killer on the loose. These days you can get text alerts from your town. Shelter in place and all that.

I didn't hate it. There was an idea in there I liked,which is the town hunting Michael down in a Richard Ramirez like mob of Justice/Fury. I like the reunion of survivors. It had potential but failed to capture me in the same way the other films have.

I didn't like Evil Dies Tonight being thrown in my face the whole time. I get it. You're proud of your tagline. Also didn't like being teased with Laurie baddassery only to be monologued at. I wanted the ladies to run the town with their fellow survivors club.

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