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  • RBG



    This woman is something out of the world of Varda. If Varda were Frank Oz and wanted to fashion a mythical elf entering the land of American law. Where she’s a hero because of her patience and intelligence and bravery. Her ability to shift and change to her surroundings for the good of those less fortunate. She was building this tapestry to live by. Something that should’ve been there in the first place. She’s an amazing creation. And we thank you, Universe.

  • The Bad Sleep Well

    The Bad Sleep Well


    Kurosawa fits everything in this movie that he can. A gargantuan back-handed business deal is the backbone of the film, and at sixty-years-old it seems as fresh a subject as can be. We get a really calm and calculated Mifune here, at the start. Kurosawa makes you work for it. But you know you’re in good hands. His compositions and angles leave you wondering if you’ll ever see a more expert rendering of fatalistic noir. It’s got this sardonic wit…

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  • Lucky Day

    Lucky Day

    Roger Avary spent some time in stir, if you weren’t aware. He was sent up for manslaughter when he got drunk and decided to drive on the Pacific Coast Highway. Somebody died. A passenger. Here he makes prison-life art. He doesn’t do it very well. He’s just flippant and petty and too off the mark with his humor. Is he trying to work through any kind of guilt or embarrassment? It’s doesn’t look like it. Instead he seems to be…

  • High and Low

    High and Low


    A house on a hill. They often look like castles in the sky, a faraway dream to tuck you in at night. Maybe someday that will be me up on that hill. But as time rolls by you still find yourself in the lower depths. Another corporate take-over, three-years past The Bad Sleep Well. The first hour is a chamber piece. A child is kidnapped but it’s the wrong kid. The police convene and Kurosawa stages his compositions, mostly in…